LOOKAWAY – International Group Show @Centrespace Gallery, Bristol

‘LOOKAWAY’ at Centrespace Gallery, Bristol, UK 22-29 November 2018


Fucci (Canada) @fucci 

Ina Jang (USA) @inajang 

Rosi Feist (Germany) @rosifeist 

J.G Ballard (UK)

Mr Gabriel Marques (Brazil) @mr_gabrielmarques 

Julie Cockburn (UK) @juliecockburnartist 

John Waters (USA)

Anna Lees (UK) @anna_lees_collage 

Efrem Zelony-Mindell (USA) @efrem_zelony_mindell 

Megan Broadmeadow (UK) @meganbroadmeadow 

Dilianny Espinoza (Venezuela) @visualartexplorer 

Peter Watkins (USA)

Mal Clare (UK)

Beth Holladay (USA) @beth_holladay_art 

Dale Mail (UK) @the.dale.mail 

Connor Busby (USA) @c0nn0r_busby 

Alex J Wood (UK) @al3xjw 

Francois Legroux (France) @fravcoisfravcois 

Scott Darby (UK) @_scottdarby .

Artists at distinctly different stages in careers have been curated to explore how one could decipher ‘LOOKAWAY’ using wordplay and grammar.


An original and rarely seen J.G Ballard magazine advert; a 6 colour screen-print by Toronto’s Fucci; sculptors Alex J Wood and Julie Cockburn using one subject in wildly different styles; Brooklyn based photographer Ina Jang; powerful photo-work from infamous Baltimore trouble maker John Waters (currently enjoying a career retrospective in the USA) and three vintage stills by film-maker Peter Watkins and more feature from the private collection in their first ever public display.


Alongside these established practitioners,  emerging artists, Beth Holladay, Rosi Heist, Mr Gabriel Marques, Dilianny Espinoza and Anna Lees display new work available to buy, along with our own newest gallery artists: Connor Busby, Mal Clare, Scott Darby & François Legroux


Private View: Thursday 22nd of November with drinks reception at 1800 followed by a walkthrough at 19:00. Events and music will take place during the week long show.


Photo: ‘Lookout’ – Mal Clare

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