LOOKAWAY – Opening tonight 1830-2100

The international group show ‘LOOKAWAY’ opens tonight in Centerspace Gallery, Leonard Lane, Bristol 1830 – 2100

BalloonSmile (Connor Busby ‘Balloon Smile’)

Work from a range of artists using different perspectives on looking and seeing are explored.

Emerging artists are placed with established practitioners using photography, appropriation, collage, screen print and sculpture.

Fucci (Canada) @fucci
Ina Jang (USA) @inajang
Rosi Feist (Germany) @rosifeist
J.G Ballard (UK)
Mr Gabriel Marques (Brazil) @mr_gabrielmarques
Julie Cockburn (UK) @juliecockburnartist
John Waters (USA)
Anna Lees (UK) @anna_lees_collage
Efrem Zelony-Mindell (USA) @efrem_zelony_mindell
Megan Broadmeadow (UK) @meganbroadmeadow
Dilianny Espinoza (Venezuela) @visualartexplorer
Peter Watkins (USA)
Mal Clare (UK)
Beth Holladay (USA) @beth_holladay_art
Dale Mail (UK) @the.dale.mail
Connor Busby (USA) @c0nn0r_busby
Alex J Wood (UK) @al3xjw
Francois Legroux (France) @fravcoisfravcois
Scott Darby (UK) @_scottdarby

We look forward to welcoming you at the gallery

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