Paper Folds Ltd. is a Bristol based record label and floating art gallery.

Installation shot from ‘Transition’ exhibition April 2017

We promote contemporary art and transgressive music editions, taking over venues for pop-up exhibitions and performances.

Gallery Artists:

Jamie Rawlings

Collage / Threading / Appropriation

A Pink Lady
‘Pink Lady 4’ 12cm x 8cm

Dale Mail

Photo-sculpture / Video Art / Printmaking

I Can't Laugh 20cm x 101cm
‘I Can’t Laugh’ photo-sculpture 20cm x 101cm

Nick Sutton

Composition / Music Production / Gallery Curation

ADI Front
Angels Dreams Inches 12″

Tatiana Sanches

Sound Designer / Composer

Tatiana Sanches

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Contact for enquiries on availability of individual works and all other matters: pfolds.mcuts@gmail.com