Cut-up found photography in multiple series


Trans High ’70 (2017)

Male and female classmates joined using a single splice, mounted to Japanese paper and board.

30cm x 21cm

Signed and titled in edition of 8 unique works. Available framed or unframed, please enquire

Ladyboy 5
Alex Polanesky ’70
Ladyboy 4
Rick Neading ’70




Split Girls (2017)

Female collage splits mounted on Japanese art paper

Signed edition of 8 unique framed works – available enquire

24cm x 24cm


High School Surgery (2017)

Eight unique 5cm x 3cm collage works mounted to board (30cm x 21cm)

Unique work – enquire


Trans High (2016 – )

American high-school gender swaps using a single slice

Multiple ongoing series using a range of photo sizes


Colour Splices (2016 – )

Continuing series using colour photographs in miniature sizes

3cm x 1.5cm (variable) unique works







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